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  英文原文:This bar chart compares how long people can expect to live in seven different countries.
  We can see that in each of the seven countries people have a life expectancy of between63 years and 83 years. People will live longest in Canada at 83 years and the United States (81 years), while Bangladesh has the lowest life expectancy at just 63 years. Of the other countries, Turkey, Vietnam, Iran and India all have a similar level close to the average of 73 years.
  We should also note that women are expected to live longer than men in all these countries. On average, females will live approximately 4 years longer than men, although there are differences here. The greatest difference is in the United States (about 5 years),while in Iran females are expected to live only 2 years longer than men. However, the major exception is Bangladesh where both genders have the same life expectancy.
  Thus, we can see there are comparisons to be made in life expectancy both in geographical location and gender.

  1、 分段原则为: 按照数据的大小对比分一段,女性比男性多分一段。
  2.、注意描述一类数据(Max, Min, Avg)。

  英文原文:The solutions to the pressing issue of traffic congestions, especially in metropolis, have been a frequent topic of discussion. However, 24/7 free public transport service would not tackle this issue; therefore, other effective measures would be in great need.
  Theoretically, providing 24/7 free public transport, like underground and bus, could produce some positive outcomes, among which stands out convenience. This means that commuters could travel by any mode of public transport at any time. Moreover, it is free of charge, which might slightly ease the financial burden on the poor or people of middle class. Certainly, this would attract more public transport users ,so the number of private cars may be reduced considerably.


  英文原文:As a necessary tool in daily life, vehicles, cars and airplanes in particular, have empowered people to go wherever they want, yet are frequently blamed for environmental problems. But it appears to me that in an attempt to address these problems, the simple rise of fuel prices is feasible but not the most effective and efficient solution.
  Higher fuel cost in theory will reduce air pollution and relieve the fuel shortage. This is mainly because the higher the price of fuel is, the fewer drivers will afford it and cars and other vehicles will be used even less. The emission of greenhouse gases, the main contributor of global warming, will therefore decline and fewer fuels are consumed. However, this is not that simple in real life.Unable to drive cars as usual or to choose other transportation, workers will hardly work efficiently as most of them in today’s world rely heavily on cars and different vehicles especially for long distance commuters. In this case, they would rather pay the higher price than earn less or even lose their job.
  Increasing the cost of fuel could not resolve all environmental problems. During the delivery of oil to different places around the world, oil more often than not leaks into the oceans and contaminates the water, a severe environmental problem that seems to be unsolvable now. What’s worse, marine animals will die mainly because their habitat, the ocean, has been polluted and become inhabitable.
  This suggestion is less workable than other measures,like taking advantage of some cutting-edge technology and science to actively seek alternative fuel. For example, mainly powered by clean fuels or electricity,some fuel-efficient vehicles and electric cars, both of which have been widely used in most places of the world, not just burn less fuel but generate few emission.


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