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1.all over the place:乱七八糟的;到处都是
Paraphrase: completely disorganized or confused
TPO: T13L2 – Ecology
Yeah,well, there used to be beavers all over the place, something like 200 million beavers, just in the continental United States.

2.all the rag:风靡一时
Paraphrase: popular or fashionable at the moment
TPO: T30L4 – Music History
Before long, Hawaiian steel guitar music was all the rage in the mainland US.
3.at odd:争执;不一致
Paraphrase: cannot agree or argue with someone
TPO: T4L2 – Literature
They try to fit in with the rest of the world even though it’s at odds with their beliefs and their identities.
Tips: at odds是争执、不一致的意思,应该把它作为一个整体来熟悉和运用。odd可以当形容词,意意思是奇数的;古怪的;剩余的;临时的;零散的;也可当名词,意思是:奇数;怪人;奇特的事物;
如:Although it sounded odd, this is the only way to describe this behavior.
It's not as though, oh, today is odd but maybe tomorrow it will be even.
而odds 只能当名词,意思是:几率;胜算;不平等;差别
如:Sure, you can raise money but the odds of getting venture capital are high.
4.be that as it may:即使如此,尽管那样; 话虽如此
Paraphrase: even so, even now
TPO: T3L3 – Art History
But be that as it may, whatever the exact date, whether it's 15,000, 20,000or 30,000 years ago, the Chauvet paintings are from the dawn of art.

5.do the trick:奏效,成功
Paraphrase: go places, make a hit
TPO: T19C1 – Student & Professor
Yeah,I can see how that might do the trick. But, anyway, what I wanted to ask was, when you started talking about game theory.Well, I know a little bit about it, but I am not clear about its use in biology.
是的,我已经看到效果了,但是,我还是想问一下,当你提到game theory的时候,我是有一定的了解,但是我不知道这个理论是如何运用在生物学中的。
6.down the drain:浪费掉;徒劳;堕落
Paraphrase: wasted or produces no results
TPO: T4C2 – Student & Professor
I know, but I didn’t want to risk the project going down the drain.
7.drop in the bucket:沧海一粟,九牛一毛,杯水车薪
Paraphrase: something is so small that it won't make any noticeable difference.
TPO: T12L4 – Environmental Science
It can generate 194 megawatts of electric power, but that’s just a drop in the bucket.
8.for the birds:毫无意义的
Paraphrase: worthless or ridiculous
TPO: T8L1 – Animal Behavior
Studies have been done on the reproductive success rates for the birds in both areas, and the result showed surprisingly that the reproductive success was essentially the same in both areas – the preferred and the second choice habitat.
9.from scratch:白手起家,从头做起
Paraphrase: from the beginning
TPO: T4C2 – Student & Professor
But we've got all the sources and its due next week. We don’t have time to start from scratch.
10.get a handle on:控制,掌握,驾驭,左右
Paraphrase: get something under control
TPO: T25L4 – Animal Behavior
Apparently,it also contributes to the development of a brain that's flexible, a brain that's quickly able to get a handle on unfamiliar situations.
11.heavenly body:天体
Paraphrase: planet
TPO: T18L1 – Astronomy
That's because of their belief at the time that the heavenly bodies, the Sun,Moon,Stars and Planets, were perfect, without any flaws or blemishes.
12.high and low:到处
TPO: T5C1 – Student & Counselor at the University Counseling Center
And it so happened that the cellist graduated last year. They’ve been searching high and low for a replacement, someone with experience.
13.how come:为什么,怎么会
Paraphrase: disbelief or surprise
TPO:T26L3 – Astronomy
I mean, how come Halley’s is still there? After four and a half billion years. How could it be?
14.let alone:更不必说;不打扰
Paraphrase: to say nothing of…
TPO: T22L2 – Astronomy
we know the Sun’s current rate of mass loss, but if we assume that this rate has been steady over the last four billion years, the young Sun wouldn’t have been massive enough to have warmed Earth, let alone Mars, not enough to have caused liquid water.
15.off the hook:摆脱困境;脱身
Paraphrase: avoid sth.
TPO: T15C2 – Student & Biology Professor
And that's supposed to be a quiet environment? Not exactly. My brother and parents try to keep it down when I am studying, but the phone pretty much rings off the hook, so ...
16.pros and cons:利弊
Paraphrase: advantages & disadvantages
TPO: The question is how. I mean no one really thinks that, say a bee goes through weighing thepros and cons of pollinating this flower or that flower.
17.put two and two together:根据事实推理
Paraphrase: reach acorrect conclusion from the evidence; making inference
TPO: T3L4 – Astronomy
Sohe put two and two together, and decided there was an element in the sun that hadn’t been discovered here on the earth yet.
18.rule of thumb:经验法则
Paraphrase: approximately
TPO: T2C1 – Student & Professor
.. like your parents. That’s usually my rule of thumb: would my parents understand this?
19.spot on:完全正确
Paraphrase: exactly right
TPO:T29L4 – Structural Engineering
There’sa reason I mentioned that figure of 36,000 kilometers. That’s about how high an object would have to be orbiting straight up from the equator to constantly remain directly above the exact same spot on the rotating planet Earth.
20.take for granted:认为…理所当然
Paraphrase: assume sth.Is real for sure
TPO: T24L3 – Archeology
Today we take for granted that there horizontal bands of plant communities.
21.tall order:离谱的要求,苛求
Paraphrase: hard to achieve or fulfill
TPO: T5C2 – Student & Professor
It's still a pretty tall order, and we will be moving right along, so you will really need to stay on top of it.
22.tongue in cheek:不是认真的,虚情假意的
Paraphrase:not seriously
TPO:T12L1 – Biology
That's the so-called JUNK DNA. Though the word junk is used sort of tongue in cheek.


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