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导读:雅思 口语范文喜欢的历史时期 唯有词汇量丰富且用词地道,表达流畅的考生才能赢得考官青睐。口语水平的提高需要一段很长时间积累的过程,所以找对口语范文很关键。下面是小编搜集整理的关于雅思口语范文喜欢的历史时期的资料,欢迎查阅。 雅思口语范文喜欢的
雅思 口语范文喜欢的历史时期
Describe a historical period that you are interested in.
You should say:
What it is
How you got to know it
Things happened during that historical period
And explain why you find it interesting
Do young people like historical stories in your country?
Which historical period do you think is the most important in your country?
Do you think history matters in a country’s future development?
Why should we learn history?
I am a big fan of Chinese history. The major events that happened from the first dynasty, Xia Dynasty, to the last dynasty, Qing Dynasty have been acknowledged by myself. But there is one dynasty that have attracted me since I was young. It was the Tang Dynasty.
My first vague impression of Tang Dynasty is from the stories my mom told me when I was very young. At that time, my mom always told me the stories about Zetian Wu, the first and the only woman emperor in Chinese history, such as how she escaped from the temple when her first husband died, how she became the queen of the country and how she used strategies to let ministers bend over in front of her. These exciting stories grasped my curiosity to dig more about the Tang Dynasty. Therefore, I started to read historical books to involve myself in this period. Xuanwu Gate incident, the power battle between Princess Taiping and Longji Li, and the love story of Longji Li and Lady Yang are all the splendid events that describe the royal life at that time.
What makes these stories fascinating and attractive is the royal family’s struggle between power and family love. Everyone in these historical events would hesitate to defeat or kill their relatives. People involving themselves into these big events always thought about the value of what they were doing. Sometimes readers could even understand their inner heart and think what they have been thinking all the time. Love in exchange for power or power in exchange for love are just two choices of their own heart, but the endings might be so different than the original decisions. That’s what I find interesting about these stories, cruel but sometimes mixed with warmth.
Describe a gift that took you a long time to prepare.
You should say:
when it happened
what the gift is
why it took you so long to choose
and explain how he or she reacted to your gift.
I pride myself on finding the best presents, especially when they’re for my nearest and dearest. One present I’m particularly proud of was for my girlfriend on her 25th birthday. It was an extra-special moment as it was also near the time of our 5th anniversary. I wanted to buy her something that meant something to both of us and had that personal touch.
I put a lot of thought into it and, after chewing it over, I eventually chose to give her a picture using an enlarged photograph of us both, that was taken while we were on holiday in Shanghai. It was a very special moment for us both, so I knew it would have sentimental value to her.
But that wasn’t the half of it, next I had to pick out a frame for the picture. My girlfriend is a notoriously picky person, so I knew I had to get
Luckily the frame I opted for was right on the money. When she unwrapped the gift, her eyes lit up, she was elated and gave me a big kiss. For the rest of the day, she was beaming and I couldn’t wipe the smile of her face. Now the picture takes pride of place in our bedroom, so I know that she really does love it!
Describe something you enjoy doing with an old person in your family
You should say:
What it is
How often you do it
Who you do it with
Why you enjoy doing it with this person
I enjoy spending time with my maternal grandmother. She is eighty and has an opinion on anything and everything. My grandma is an energetic person. She has some age-related problems but she gets about more than my mother or me. Actually, there are hardly any temples in South India that she hasn’t been to. She is fluent in most South Indian languages and also possesses a working knowledge of Sanskrit. I visit my grandmother at least once a month. When we were kids, we used to spend the weekends at her place and then she would tell us numerous stories from Hindu mythology and keep in entertained for hours on end. Actually, if I am deeply religious today, that is because of her. She also visits us very often, and whenever she does she makes it a point to bring us lots of gifts and other goodies. She is a generous woman who enjoys giving food and money to the needy. The reason that I enjoy spending time with her is that she has a positive attitude towards anything. Actually I have never seen her looking depressed or hopeless. She is great fun to be with.
Describe something you learned in a place or from someone
You should say:
What it was
Where or who you got it
What the situation was
How you felt
这道话题卡有两个切入点可以入手,可以说地点也可以说是具体某个人。如果从地点来说,可以从最常见的某个学校中学到的事情着手,也可以从异国他乡获得的相关的不同的文化知识来讲。如果从单个人的角度来看,各位烤鸭不妨参考之前老烤鸭给出的有关人物相关的一些话题卡Describe someone who is knowledgeable 描述知识渊博的人 来找一些灵感。只要注意这两点选其一扣住题目,那么就不难展开陈述了。
Something I learned from someone was about some basic Vietnamese from a teacher of mine named Ellen who is a very professional language teacher trainer in the U.S.
Last year I got some training in language teaching from a certified professional trainer in Cambridge. One day morning in Sept., she gave us a language course about Vietnamese in Vietnamese which we didn’t have any knowledge about. Plus, she was very strict with us in terms of learning. So, I even got butterflies in my stomach and worried that I might not pick up anything about it because you know how hard it is for a beginner or even a learner with zero foundation to learn how to blurt out a sentence.
However, what happened next made us just can’t believe it’s real. Under some guidance using some gestures and facial expressions together with some realia, we managed to say some greetings and personal information in Vietnamese.
I felt it was one of the most memorable periods last time. Because you would imagine how magical it is when you had been able to pick up some Vietnamese in the class where only lessons taught in Vietnamese!
Since then on, She just became my role model in language teaching. I hope I could one day make a difference at least in my own little circle.


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